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Stop the Israel-Palestine Conflict!
Why I wrote my "Kentucky Solution"...


Why I wrote my "Kentucky Solution"...
Article: Stop the Israel-Palestine Conflict!
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Why I wrote my "Kentucky Solution"...
Peace in our time

I have proposed what I believe is the very best imperfect solution in this imperfect world.  If I were speaking to a group of people who were very interested in this idea of a KENTUCKY SOLUTION, then I could speak at length and in more detail.  But, the purpose of this writing is simply to introduce the world to this idea which I believe will promote a just peace in the area.  To the Israeli Jews and the Palestinians, I urge that you realize that you are more closely related than you might have thought.  Treat each other as family.  Follow the example of your patriarch father Abraham when he gave his nephew Lot a choice of which land to take because he did not want enmity between his family and Lot's family (Genesis 13: 8,9).  Please, do what Abraham would do:  DIVIDE THE LAND AND LIVE IN PEACE!

My Mission

Woodrow Wilcox welcomes opportunities to speak about a "Kentucky Solution" and other important topics.