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Stop the Israel-Palestine Conflict!
Why I wrote my "Kentucky Solution"...
Article: Stop the Israel-Palestine Conflict!
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Stop the Israel - Palestine Conflict
with a "Kentucky Solution"!
Woodrow Wilcox applies some principles of justice which were developed in the courts of Kentucky during America's pioneer days to the Israel-Palestine conflict to offer a unique peace proposal.
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A Personal Note
In late March 2002, I had lunch with a friend who informed me of the news about the Israeli government's attacks on Palestinians. My friend supported the Israeli action and I did not. My friend is a good and reasonable man. But, he was ignorant about the Middle East. It was obvious to me that he was very misinformed. In that meeting, I realized how misinformed the average American is regarding the Israel/Palestine issue. I experienced a strong and deep urge to research and write something that would both inform the public and promote peace.
In the nearly eight months since then, I have allowed my personal life and finances to suffer a bit while I pursued what I believed was both the noble and holy task of writing about a Kentucky Solution. I believe that God will help me to recover and that He will bless me in other ways, also. I state this because I know that I will be attacked by those who dislike the idea of a Kentucky Solution. I want the world to know that I wrote this with sincerity and sacrifice.

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